"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame."



Ideas on how to follow your fire


We've all got a fire inside.

Following your fire is shedding the layers that life has put on, finding your unique gifts, and sharing them with the world. The fire is leaning into ideas, dreams, and creativity: ditching all of the "I should just settle for what I've got" talk and braving the unknown of the life you really want. It's feeling terrified and then finding courage: pushing past old belief systems and charting new ones. 

It's finding the life you were meant to lead - and it's a path you don't have to chart alone.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for anyone who wants support in living their best life, but I specialize in helping people who feel like they have a "purpose" and just can't find it.

Maybe you've been "should-ing" on yourself for so long, you've forgotten what you really want; maybe you know what gifts you can bring the world, but can't find the courage to share them. If you've been settling for the Vanilla life because you don't think Chocolate-Mocha-Caramel-Swirl actually exists, shoot me a message. We've got some digging to do, and at the end you'll find the feeling of purpose that you always dreamed of. 

Who I coach:

- People who wish they loved their jobs...but don't

- People who know there's more to life than watching other people follow their dreams

- Blocked creatives

- Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

- Those struggling to break unhealthy patterns/addictions

- People wracked with an unborn "purpose"

Are you following your fire? 

Do you want to?

Let me help


- Melissa Pennel, Certified Coach

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