There Is No Greater Power On Earth Than The Human Soul On Fire

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We all have a fire inside. Following that fire is peeling back the layers that the world has put on and remembering your unique gifts: leaning into ideas, dreams, and authenticity. Utilizing powerful coaching techniques, I encourage clients to explore ideas, confront fears, and address obstacles. Through the co-creative relationship of coaching my clients have been able to tune into their own fire, and accelerate their success.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for anyone who wants support in living their best life. Whether you're looking for help in refining your goals, are struggling to find balance, or transitioning through a major life change, coaching can be a point of support, stability, and encouragement.

Who I coach:

- Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs

- Blocked creatives

- Leaders, managers, and supervisors

- Those struggling to break unhealthy patterns/behaviors

- Professionals

Are you following your fire? 

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- Melissa Pennel, Certified Coach