What Being a Bad Comedian Taught Me About Confidence

Improvising for laughs came pretty naturally to me. I’d been shoving cupcakes in my face for the amusement of others since grade school.

I liked the spontaneity, the brashness, and the permission to be as weird as I wanted with a bunch of other weirdos.

But my improv career was over almost as soon as it began, because something killed it.

How I Found God in a Beach Volleyball Game

I went to yoga classes overlooking the ocean, ate sickening amounts of macadamias, and stayed up late having talks about redemption, recovery, and life…mostly with people that I’d never see again.

It was delicious. It was magical. And I was still pretty damn lonely.

But then I joined a volleyball tournament with a bunch of strangers, and things began to shift...

Be the Chicken Costume You Wish to See in the World (How We Can Make the Most of the New Year)

I know, I know…resolutions are “doomed,” we forget most of them by February, and if you really want to make a change you don’t need a silly calendar date to do it, but…why don't we do things a little differently this year?

Are We Negative By Nature? How Practicing Gratitude Can Make the Glass Half Full

We might be wired for negativity, but it doesn't mean that we can't change the way that we see the world. 

What does wellness have to do with world issues? How to watch the news and not retreat

Paying attention means recognizing that we are a part of the cultural fabric. While it’s helpful to emit “light and love” from our particular strand, sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes we have to do something.